Group Introduction

Corporate culture

The development of ideas (spirit)
Innovative and pragmatic beyond the self to the pursuit of excellence
Wing a valve to innovation as the basis for the development of enterprises, not only technological innovation but also innovation in products, markets, management, institutional and conceptual innovation is forever a valve driving force for development, and innovation is based on pragmatic to be realized. To constantly meet and exceed the needs of the users of technologies, products and services, company and employees to constantly challenge ourselves every day, and never be complacent. Wing a valve to the goodness and beauty, and excellence as its goal to pursue, and this is forever a valve break with the past into the future standards, and the pursuit of excellence will make never a valve always Endeavour.

Technology concepts
The rapid one step ahead
Yongyi valve technology innovation thriving source of their own business, beyond self-motivation. Independent copyright will continue to launch innovative products to meet market and customer needs, and strive to their products not only in the leading domestic and international leading.

Service concept
User satisfaction of customer needs
Wing a valve fully consider the various needs of customers, the service extends to the pre-sales, and customer satisfaction as a commitment to users and do its utmost to meet user needs, but also provide users with personalized service and public training network, the user's ideal and pursuit of a reality.

Talent Concept
The best and most appropriate
Wing a valve in the selection of the personnel has been a pragmatic as their starting point, the officers of the company selected the best talent, it must be the most suitable talent. These talents to promote the maximum development of the company at the same time, the company also provide them with one of the most suitable development environment, which truly make the best use to make the best use.

The idea of cooperation
Team first the primary and secondary
Yongyi valve teamwork regarded as the core of the cooperation of staff in the company's development strategies and objectives of the implementation process, each employee regardless of his position size, can express their views directly stated his own views, and in the specific things the implementation of all the employees are with, so that the development of the company's more healthy, more targeted.

Management philosophy
The influence of culture bound by the system
Wing a valve to the corporate culture as the highest management level, obtained through the influence of corporate culture to employees in the values and corporate philosophy to reach a consensus, cultivate the spirit of love and dedicated staff, at the same time, through the institutionalization of the company management by objectives, and ensure that the plan be completed on schedule.

Man concept
Honesty, diligence, thrift
Wing, a valve is the ability and political integrity, which requires employees must first be honest with the company, do not lie. Another staff only hard work in order for companies and individuals to bear the fruit harvest. Thrifty wealth of each, compared with our more victory tomorrow casting weight.